Control Kudzu before it controls your property.

Outdoor, Inc. offers Kudzu remediation service so your property can flourish. We’ve all seen trees and shrubs that were taken over by Kudzu. However, you don’t have to put up with it. With our help, your property can be free from Kudzu.

Kudzu remediation service includes:

  • Removal of Kudzu vines from all trees and shrubs
  • Removal of Kudzu root crowns to prevent the vines from growing back in strength

Kudzu root crown removal is a vital part of this service. However, many Kudzu removal services only remove vines, and this allows the root crown to grow back strong. Next year, you end up with the same problem. Removing roots gives your property a break from this invasive species of legume.

Don’t wait – take action right away.

Remember, the roots are growing just as fast as the vines and will create an ongoing problem if unchecked. If you have Kudzu growth, call Outdoor Inc. today. We’ll come out, assess the problem, and give you a quote for eradication. This will allow you to get back to enjoying your property – without the worry that Kudzu is taking over.