Landscape Construction & Grading

We grade with the landscape in mind.

Many years of working with homeowners has taught us that most people are looking for one company that is accountable for everything in their landscape project.

Outdoor, Inc is organized to provide what people are looking for. We have a crew that has a wide range of skills, reducing the need for subcontractors. This allows us to maintain more control over job quality. We focus on the details while keeping the big picture in mind.

Outdoor, Inc. specializes in high-quality grading for residential properties. Whatever your grading or landscape construction project needs, our years of experience in all facets of landscaping and grading service provides peace of mind.

• Excavation and grading
• Landscape Installation
• Hardscape Installation
• Irrigation and water management



Landscape Design

Bringing our years of hands-on field experience to the design process sets us apart from design-only companies. We know the work from the ground up and bring that knowledge to every aspect of the design process.

A design that is accurate. After years of installing from designs, we recognize that problems can occur when site plans have been poorly measured and prepared. We take the time to get it right from the start.