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A well maintained outdoor space attracts business, customers, tenants, and investors.

Bringing our years of hands-on field experience to the entire process sets us apart.

Outdoor, Inc. can offer total service from breaking ground to the final landscape.

Landscaping Tip:


NOW IS THE TIME TO PLANT the big trees and Plants!


Now is the time to plant. Do it before the end of February.

We love to plant big trees & shrubs.

Specimen trees and shrubs are usually field grown.  When field grown plants are dug a large amount of their roots are removed.  It’s really important that this is done while the plant is dormant.  The best time to dig & plant field grown plants is after it’s cold enough to have had a frost.  The closer to October the better because this gives the plants roots an opportunity to start growing before summer.  Any digging after February will require more attention and sometimes a nursery will require an after dormancy digging fee to cover the cost of monitoring the plant before shipping.