Landscaping Styles


    In formal landscape design, content becomes subservient to form. Nature supplies the plants (content), but we apply such rigid guidelines in their arrangement (the form) that most of the attention is drawn to the form. Our own handiwork becomes the star of the show, while the plants play merely supporting roles. A common choice in our local area.


    The cottage garden is not just an informal style. It is a style exuberant in its use of a diversity of plants of varying heights, forms, and textures, arranged to give an impression of abundance and whimsy. Annuals supplement perennials and flowering shrubs to ensure optimal color display. Just be advised: this style takes more work to maintain.


    Including boulders in your landscape will lend authenticity and scale to your property. For this reason, Outdoor Inc. integrates boulders into many of our projects. These large, stately landscaping stones can alter the appearance and feel of your property for generations to come, and they can lessen the need for as many plants while still providing a handsome appeal.


    Modern Landscaping (also referred to as contemporary landscaping) is not just a look – it’s also something of a philosophy. Defined by clean lines, stark shapes, and an architectural approach, modern landscaping is a mode of design more concerned with crafting an aesthetically pleasing space than with planting flowers, shrubs and trees.

    Project Ideas

    Boulder Retaining Walls

    Boulder walls can be used for many purposes in the landscape, but when they are used to create a retaining wall, the wall tends to stand out from other features. The overall design and color scheme can help to highlight the architecture of the house rather than take away from it, and it should also complement the surrounding landscape elements.

    Irrigation Systems

    Effective irrigation systems not only benefit your landscape, they also help save you time and money. When maintained correctly, irrigation systems are a great investment that are reliable and useful for homeowners and facility managers. Irrigation systems do the work for you. Your irrigation system can also be automated.

    Intimate Fire Features

    Adding a fire feature to your outdoor space makes it a destination. Like moths to a flame, you and your guests will be drawn to a fire pit in the evening to relax, get warm, and enjoy one another’s company. Our stone fire features are more permanent and complement a home, landscape, and surrounding terrain.

    Vegetable Gardens

    Raised beds give you an advantage over a regular garden. When you fill your raised bed, you can fill it with a blend of soil that’s superior to the native soil in your yard. Rich and loose soil with nutrients and organic matter will allow the roots of your plants to grow freely, and will ensure that they have access nutrients they need.